Малосольный огурец Кум жевал внимательно.

Скажет слово и поест,
Морда вся в апатии.
"Был, – сказал он, – говны, съезд
Славной нашей партии.

Поскольку малосольные огурцы не хранятся ни фига, естественный вопрос - откуда на Магадане весной - а XX съезд был в середине февраля - свежие огурцы?
Узбекистан? Туркменистан? Откуда?

4000+ romance - и у нас наконец-то есть Барышня-крестьянка.

When he forced himself to look away, down at the parchment, he was surprised to see beautiful, flowing handwriting.
“My goodness,” he murmured, bending down a little closer so that he might have a better look. “You are quite something, Sarah. Are you quite sure you were meant to be a maid?”
She blushed and looked away, standing tall once more. “I was well trained, and it was very kind of the governess and my employers to allow me to learn.”


Old Man hypnotized
Spiders with ancient eyes
Black dogs who come in herds
Old Man, the word
Old Man, the word

Raised on golden days
God love the USA
Fed on the purple haze
Young men today
He heard them say
Amen, Amen, Amen

I'll never say goodbye
I'll never tell you lies
I'm never gonna die
Amen, Amen, Amen

Became the power man
Raised on the ocean
His hands, wrinkled brown
Melt with the sound, melt with the sound
Heros in silver scenes
Real men never scream
Old man I heard you dream
Old man, the sound
Amen, Amen, Amen

Young man's memories
Stay with the summer leaves
Old man, we can not see
Old men decay
Slip slow away
Old man, we'll hold your face
The suns danced for your song
Old man looked around
Heard but the sound
Amen, Amen, Amen

I'll never say goodbye
I'll never tell you lies
I'm never gonna die
Amen, Amen, Amen

Настоящий мужчина не пишет СМС. Настоящий мужчина идёт в видеочат.

Justin: This thing with your friend has gotten out of hand. I think it’s time we be realistic. You’re not moving to Austin, and I’m not interested in moving to San Francisco. Let’s stop wasting each other’s time. Good luck.

Good luck? What the fuck? Who says that in a break-up text? Who breaks up with a text? Justin had been avoiding my calls for a few days, so it shouldn’t be a surprise, but it’s still a kick in the gut. I mean, grow a pair and break up with me over FaceTime at least.

Злые инопланетяне, сгоревшие марсоходы, биокупола в осаде и... та-да!

...пятнадцать голых баб! (с)

He calmed his breathing. Every sip of air was one closer to the end of his reserve. It would be a balancing act to make it back without suffocating. If he went too fast, he’d use his oxygen up quickly. If he went too slow, he’d simply run out of air before he reached his destination.

The important thing now was not to panic. It was imperative he get home alive so he could send the TV people right back to earth before the Chinese or the Russians attacked Station 7.